Hi, everyone! My name is Galina Yekelchik. 
Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved PIANO which has had a tremendous impact on my life. The incredible palette of sounds that you can produce on this wonderful instrument has always fascinated me. I was blessed with very thoughtful and creative teachers B. Toporinskaya and Y. Vahranev, who themselves were taught by T. Kravchenko, a student of the great masters L. Oborin and K. Igumnov.Throughout the years I won several competitions, enjoyed performing numerous solo and chamber recitals throughout Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Lithuania. As a result of my learning journey, I have completed Kharkiv Special Music School, graduated in Master’s Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy (1985) at the Kharkiv Conservatory, Department of Special Piano, Ukraine. Since then, I had worked there as a piano teacher and accompanist in vocal classes. My students took part in NYSSMA Festivals with highest scores achieved and performed at Concert Festivals International Competitions (concertfestival.org), MTNA competitions, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Merkin Hall.
Teaching children to perform and appreciate music is a delight for me. I strongly believe that music makes each individual’s life fulfilling. My philosophy is that each child is born with a certain ability to create and interpret music. It depends on one’s persistence and the teacher’s pedagogical skills to develop student's’ gifts in this form of art. My goal is to instill love for music in children’s hearts, to help them find their own musical voice, and to give them a solid foundation to enjoy music, which will enrich their lives and the lives of people surrounding them.
I’ll try to put my best effort to make them understand and appreciate the language of music and to encourage their creativity and positive self-expression.
In our class we prepare for NYSSMA Festivals (public school system), RCM ExaminationsABRSM Exams, and numerous Festivals. All those achievements motivate children and encourage teenage students to get good evaluations and help them in their future education and carrier. High scores in these evaluations can be translated into college credits and inspire children to learn music with their heart and dedication.